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JM Fahey Construction works to earn the profit required to continually improve a Company that employs the highest caliber people, constructs quality work, makes safety a priority, and is recognized within the industry, and the community, for the quality of its organization.

To accomplish this business purpose the following goals must be foremost in the minds of all employees: 



  • The Company shall be well organized, structured for growth, and adaptive to change. 

  • Employees should be provided with the best possible opportunities to use their skills and talents. 

  • Owners should receive quality work, constructed with a high degree of professionalism. 

  • Subcontractors and Suppliers should be treated as partners, with fairness and respect, while being required to perform to the same standards as those of JM Fahey Construction. 


The Community is the end user of everything we do. They deserve a quality product, our courtesy, and our support and involvement in neighborhood activities.

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